About us


The Ameri Selections Group is a privately held enterprise based in North America, that manufactures, designs, and exports an extensive range of gift and souvenir apparel. Our specific focus is on American clothing selections that have distinctive North American, Native American, or FunWear themes.

Our product lines are specifically designed to cater to the ever-growing tourism industry, by supplying high-quality souvenir clothing for adults and children to US casinos, vacation resorts, duty free shops, hotels, museums, zoological parks, hospital gift shops, truck stops, and souvenir stores across North America.


Tourism is a continuously growing industry. In fact, according to the US Commerce Department, the United States can expect an average annual growth rate of 6% – 8% until 2016. With some 64 million people having visited in 2010 alone, spending an estimated $144 billion between them, that means meeting the demands of both international and domestic tourists is a key challenge for you.

A major part of tourist demands is satisfied with souvenir clothing, with adults, teenagers, kids or the older generation all seeking to wear reminders of their vacation experience. And that is where we come in.

At Ameri Selections, we have already established ourselves as a leading provider of gift and souvenir wear, supplying high-volume tourism destinations throughout North America with well-known brands, like AmeriMode.

Today, our lines of souvenir apparel can be found across 20 US States and 4 Canadian Provinces, and they are continuing to grow in popularity every year.


The challenge for all souvenir clothing retailers is not only to source lines that are stylish, quality-made and available at good prices, but that also satisfy the unique nature of tourism retailing.

Experience has taught us that, in a sector where ‘impulse buying’ is a key factor behind everyday sales figures, the selections of American clothing, Native American clothing, and fun-themed clothing we produce must be good enough to catch the imagination, as well as the eye, of your customers.

At Ameri Selections, we are committed to working with all of our retailers to develop souvenir apparel that does just that. Our Research & Development division uses this cooperative approach to develop new lines in North American and Native American themed tourist apparel that respond to the changes in market trends.

Our AmeriMode brand is considered to be superior to common tourism apparel in both style and cost, because we only produce items that use materials, and boast workmanship and unique in-house designs, that are of the highest quality.


At Ameri Selections, we have never been satisfied with supplying predictable souvenir clothing. We know that tourists look for souvenirs that are unique and high in quality, as well as available at great prices. This is especially true when it comes to tourism apparel.

Our clothing brand, AmeriMode, is built on the principle of meeting these demands, which is why our product lines comprise items made only from the finest faux suede, faux fur, faux Astrakan and (in some cases) genuine fur.

By skillfully combining these materials in designs that are unique and ‘out-of-the-ordinary’, we have been able to create a range of North American and Native American themed tourist apparel that are quick to draw attention.

At the same time, our lines are suitable for every age-group and every walk of life, thus maximizing the market range and your potential to make sales.

From satin-lined forest scape faux fur coats and buckskin jackets to embroidered cardigans and velvet jackets, we cater to the both the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons. So, no matter what time of year is it, and no matter where your clients have travelled from, you can stock souvenir apparel for everyone.


Through our proactive marketing and management practices, we have already developed an excellent business infrastructure – an infrastructure that begins with a strong supplier base we can trust and ends with a positive relationship with valued customers that can trust us.

Our drive to develop both the AmeriMode brand and existing and future client relationships will not end. That way, you can be sure we’ll continue to supply our customers with the very best tourism apparel available.